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Be in alignment with purpose

As a marketplace and ministry influencer alike, Se'Fana Samples is best known for her ability to equip, empower and educate others into a life of fulfillment.  Her real, raw and relatable approach to relationships, business and life in general, forces people from all walks of life to face their fears and pursue their passion wholeheartedly.  As CEO of Halós Beauty, Inc., she's been helping clients"mane-tain" signature looks for more than 20 years.  And as the founder of Singles School, you can find her ministering weekly to singles across the nation online--positioning them to soar in all things life, love and purposeful parenting.

Affectionately known as "The Endurance Expert," when Se'Fana isn't perfecting tresses of all types, she's busy cutting off strongholds, generational curses and addiction in the Body of Christ. As a survivor of molestation, abandonment, divorce and imprisonment, it's her cutting-edge, candid ministry that lets singles know that their circumstances don't separate them from others.  They actually grant them access to more people who share the same trials and triumphs.  As students acquire a new level of confidence and candor, they will not only raise kingdom-minded children while in full pursuit of their own purpose. But they will learn how to develop strategic partnerships and fulfill their destiny assignment as they maximize their season of singleness.  In her debut book, Successfully Single, Se'Fana shares a snapshot of her journey from brokenness to bold, half-stepping to whole--in faith, family and so much more.  As an intentional parent to one amazing son Darrius, Se'Fana balances everything from business to bible studies with style and amazing grace.


Entrepreneur, Author, Family & Relationship Coach, Mom and Motivational Speaker

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